Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Disney Movies/Channels

When one of our classmates presented her speaking element today in class, it caught my attention. I watched Disney movies/channels all the time when I was a kid, and the silly things that were shown today during her presentation was shocking. I was surprised with all the inappropriate parts of most Disney movies that she displayed and elaborated on. I just never realized about this until today.

From my point of view, Disney movies weren't meant to be viewed that way. Music in Disney movies help kids get in to the story and away from life. I'm sure every kid memorizes most songs in Disney movies. In Frozen, I hear lots of children singing Let It Go, and in Lion King, it would be Hakuna Matata. Animations in Disney movies make children want to watch, because everything feels so real. It actually makes them happy. I think children focus more on the Disney princesses appearance rather than their actions. When I say appearance, I'm talking about their pretty dresses and nice hair, not their body figure, perfect hips, and whatnot. An example would be for Halloween, how many little girls have you heard tell their parents they want to dress up like a princess? I have heard that numerous of times, and actually, I was one of those little girls.

I found a video on YouTube, and if you click on the link below and watch it, it will show an inappropriate part that I'm 100% sure a child wouldn't have heard or even thought about.

In conclusion, Disney movies/channels focus more on getting the children to be happy and providing them with entertainment. Parts of Disney movies that probably grown ups would see wouldn't even exist in the eyes of a child. They aren't looking for inappropriate parts while watching a Disney movie, they just want to have fun and be happy.


  1. I agree with you and I never noticed those things either. It makes me wonder, are some people just looking really hard to find those things? You're video is a good example of that.

    Can I say that a woman can't show her shoulders in public because it makes men think sexually? I think its a similar idea. Just because there is an image that one person thinks is dirty, another person won't see that. Everyone is different and brings their own interpretation of an image to the table. When we watched the Coke commercial in class, I didn't see the racism at all. I was observing the way the different scenes all tied into different films.

    I feel like Disney was made out to be this evil entity, and it might be, but I don't think that it is intentionally trying to make the princesses in their films sexual. I think it is more a sign of the times and our history of sexualizing women than it is the fault of a media industry making these images. Its up to us as parents and adults to guild our children in what they watch and how they see it, not just rely a corporation like Disney to raise them.

    I believe that is where we've lost our way more. That instead of taking on the role that every parent should, in raising their own children; most people take a lazy way out and just let the television/computer/media raise them instead. I feel like that is what is causing our society to lose cohesion today.

  2. Be careful of your source. It sounds altered to me.