Thursday, September 25, 2014

Race stereo types in Pop Culture

What defines a persons race?
 Is is the way they talk?
The color of their skin?
What they do in their free time?
Is it how they were raised?

In our day to day lives we don't really point out the differences between white people and non white people because of the way we were raised. Its stopped being an issue and we were taught everyone is equal because we are. But what about in media? When you watch a movie and the bad guy acts a certain way you don't think about the color of their skin in the moment but it wasn't until we had these discussions in class that I realized how rude different ethnic backgrounds are portrayed. 

Hispanics in End of Watch are viewed as thugs who are killing other people.

In Maid in Manhattan Jennifer Lopez is a maid cleaning up after the rich "white" people.

In Love Don't Cost a think Nick Canon tries to be cool by wearing chains, baggy, clothes and the girl is viewed as an object who even makes a reference about him looking at her "booty"

In White Chicks the girls are viewed as materialistic and stupid.

We don't look at these things because in pop culture we have been taught that its okay. Its just media. It entertains people so it shouldn't be frowned upon even though people sometimes could and should take offense to it.


  1. I can dig it. Interesting point of view.

  2. I agree, it shouldn't be frowned upon, and for the most part i think if you do take offense to it, you either have a little bit more pride than others or dont have much of a sense of humor. Personally i think stereo types are funny, im not racist, but most of the stereo types I've heard I've seen. For example, i know people who act just like the people in every single clip you've posted. True, stereo types can be overreacted and racist, but i can also see some truth in a lot of them.