Friday, September 19, 2014

Feminism; where do we draw the line.

Feminism, Is a major part of our every day life. There is always something that women of today's society see and think they should have. But Is there a point where "equality" goes too far? I saw a clip from Ellen where she talks a little bit about equality between men and women. 

Now is this over the top? Ellen mocks feminism a little bit. Where do we draw the line? Do we need, even certain types of pens that match the "pens" that men use?
We have been hearing since we were very little that "life isn't fair", however some can't seem to face that fact. There is always going to be someone, be it man or women that has something that you don't. There are some however that wont rest until women have every right as men. And I being a women myself, feel that that is in a way very unfair to men. Women want things for themselves; so why should men give up their own things so that women can get what they want? Men deserve equality as well.
Let me paint you a picture. You are in charge of a hiring new employees, you need to hire a new worker. You have two candidates one is a women who has very little experience and is just all around not quite up to the standard that the other candidate who is a man is. However someone up higher than you in the chain of command has told you that for so many male employees there must be at least one women. So instead of hiring the more qualified candidate you hire the women. I speak from first hand experience that this happens. How is this fair to the man? That women didn't get the job because she deserved it. She got the job because of a standard that has been pushed into society for equal rights. 
That is where I draw the line. There is a point where we need to let things be. There are just somethings that we can't or better yet shouldn't change.  


  1. I just read an article last night that was Emma Watson proposal for the UN called "He for She". I Really liked it because it goes along well with this topic, she emphasizes the importance of men just as much as women. That no matter what your gender you deserve, an education, to be strong, to be sensitive. She also explains how we shouldn't undermine the males importance as a father, nor a woman's as a mother. I really liked her definition of equality because I think sometimes we misinterpret eqality and chalk it up to "woman should be equal to men" we rarely consider that men should be held in the same standard/regard as women.

  2. This seems to be a topic talked about a lot. The problem i see with the equilibrium is that most people as of now seem to split the two- men and women into their gender roles simply because that's what they were raised to portray. For example men should build and do all the handy mechanic work and women should bake and do housework. Now times are changing and we are seeing that Woman can do anything men can do and men can do anything women can do. In fact there are men who enjoy cooking and women who enjoy building or in other words, getting their hands dirty. So where do we draw the line? it starts with raising a whole new outlook on how we perceive the gender roles now. We can start as women leading by example and defeating the gender role perception. Go Ellen and Emma Watson.

  3. Sure, it's not fair to that one guy, but guess what? There are literally thousands of woman who will and have worked harder than men but have only received a fraction of the recognition or reward. This shouldn't be an issue that we are focusing on, instead maybe we should be focusing on the equality between men and women? Yeah, just because that one woman got a job over a man because of "gender equality" doesn't mean that it exists everywhere. The richest woman in the world makes BILLIONS less than the richest man in the world. Do you still think that gender equality exists?

    I don't hate feminism, I love feminism! And I am a feminist! And I am also a woman, but that does NOT mean that I hate men. That is a stigma attached to the word "feminism" which has caused waves of women to say that they hate feminism and are not feminists. There are so many issues with gender equality that I don't even know where to start, but either way, both men and women need to educate themselves and understand what the word means.

    Also, men have always gotten what they've wanted. There is no such thing as gender inequality against men. It doesn't exist (it's like saying racism against white people exists, which it DOESN'T, but that's a different story for a different time). Women have been and still are below men. This is NOT about the men, it is about gender equality. We are not giving women "everything they want"...we're giving them basic rights that men have always had.

    If you think that feminism is bringing men down then at least they'll be at the same level as women! (But let's be real here, they would probably still a bit higher than them).

  4. I'm still trying to educate myself on these issues, but here is a really good blog post that I think gives better perspective on what I am trying to say.