Sunday, September 28, 2014

Football commercials

I think that it's so interesting the way companies and  commercials  that play  on Sundays  during football games  and how much they influence our popular culture. They show what they see as the average football loving American should act and what products they should like and should purchase. It depicts that the average football fan is a man who drinks beer and likes women who are sexually dressed. Also a man who likes greasy food and to hang out with his friends and sitting around watching football and playing fantasy football. They make us seem somewhat lazy sometimes as well and that football is a way of life and their lives revolve around it.
I watched this today and started to wonder if any of you guys felt the same way or have ever thought about this kind of stuff before or anything like this in a similar scenario. I think the same is done in a lot of ever other scenarios on TV when you watch a certain event they might try and have commercials that would portray the type of person watching. The reason they do this in my opinion is because they want to see people who resemble them to reassure them that it's cool to do what they are doing.

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  1. Does this offend you as a man? Is it stereotyping men in a negative way?