Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hercules Vs. Hades Blog #2

Hercules Orientalism 

Growing up I was a huge fan of Disney. In class, we have discussed how the Disney Princesses have been examples of orientalism. From Ariel to Snow White, they all have hegemon traits about them that suggest orientalism in each of their classic films. Hercules was one of my heroes as a kid, and I definitely wish I could have grown up to be just like him.

Hercules is the classic "super-stud". Big-muscled, tall, athletic, smart, and by all means a ladies man. Disney makes him out to be as near of a perfect of a hero as possible, and they definitely succeeded. But what's a perfect hero without a perfect villain? Hades is that man. He is a charismatic and ultra-persuading super-villain, who want nothing more than to bring down his rival Zeus, the father of Hercules. But how could a guy like Hercules ever lose? Watch below and find out:

This was one of the most significant scene in the history of Disney, certainly making a point about where orientalism stood during the 1997 film. Hercules had to win. Disney made him unstoppable at his weakest possible moment (in the Underworld) by revealing his Godliness, infuriating Hades. Hercules represents total hegemon with his power over Hades at the end. Orientalism at its finest, probably one of the more obvious examples Disney has ever released.

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  1. I like the scene you chose to use. I never really thought about that way, but it's something I will definitely pay closer attention to when I watch it again. Hercules is definitely one of the best Disney movies out there