Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fantasy Vs. Reality by Cami Neilson

In class on Wednesday we talked about the realisticity of Disney Princesses.   Of course growing up, I wanted to be a Princess. Not a specific Disney Princess, but to just be one in general. The thought of dressing and living like one is almost every little girls dream. I don’t think as a little girl I ever thought about the possibility of those princesses not being real, they were real to me!  As I’ve grown, I’ve obviously come to realize that the looks and lifestyle of most Disney Princesses are unrealistic. But that doesn’t make me hate Disney. The princesses never did anything wrong in my eyes.. They were nice, sharing, and pretty, so why wouldn’t I want to be like that? To me the princesses are showing (for the most part) a good example for little girls.
This video takes a funny approach to the modern day Princesses and Princes that Disney creates. Almost every girl growing up, wants to be a princess.. It’s a fact. But what about the boys?  If Disney Princes Went to College: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PLELSdcqSM

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