Friday, September 12, 2014

Disney/Animated Subliminal messages

Innuendos in Disney/Animated Movies
I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember if I knew that Chel and Tulio were (that kind of friends).  Or in "Beauty and the Beast" when the Candle holder and the broom are getting frisky behind the curtains? Honestly I’m not sure if I didn't care, didn't notice or maybe I really was just too little to understand. Did this image ever phase me as a kid, or distort my way of thinking? I don't think so, maybe it just gave me a sense of humor. 
 But when did I start understanding? Was there an AHA moment or did it just slide in when I started to understand more… Here is a clip from "Eldorado" Kind of crazy, right? But you can’t help but laugh. Here are some less obvious ones that I didn’t know about in Disney.
Now how about more recent movies? Are they better or worse? I know the Madagascar movies have a couple choice phrases. Are these sense harmless? What do you think?
Check out the link below to look at more.. I didn't know all of the ones they were talking about.

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