Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pop Culture References

In class last week we talked about how pop culture will sometimes make references to other things in pop culture. Like in Easy-A when she keeps referencing 80s movies, or like in Scary Movie parodies they aren't actually scary--they're just referencing popular scary movies for humor purposes. Well when we talked about this it reminded me of this amazing site I just found. I love it so much I was even debating talking about it because I don't want to give away it's incredible products. is a website that sells different t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tank tops. They have a line on there that I love and I think it's a great example of pop culture referencing itself. Here is one of my favorite t-shirt designs.

So the whole idea of these t-shirt designs is the artist takes famous rap lyrics, and puts them on a classical painting. I think it is the best idea ever. This design is referencing Tom Ford by Jay-Z. If you haven't heard this before--click here for a link to the song. The basic idea of Jay-Z's song is that he is so classy that he's strutting around in this internationally praised designer. And then if you look at the picture it's so funny because the person in the painting is ROCKING that fur coat (or drape, or rug, or whatever it is). I think this is a great example of the idea we talked about in class.

PS to buy the shirt click on it and it will bring you right to the site! ;)

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