Monday, September 29, 2014

Music Sounds the Same

Since we are talking about music this week, I decided to look into music that sounds the same. I've known that some songs sound similar, but I didn't know actually how many songs are out there that sound alike. I found this website or blog that collects them and displays them together, so you can actually hear the similarities and its a really good site for displaying how common the same sounds are used.

I went through several examples and was shocked by how much alike the songs can be. Sometimes, they are a decade apart, other times, only 5 years.

After you've gone through some of the similar examples, post about what you think. Did you know about this many? Did you like a newer song that was actually copied from a past song, but didn't know about it? Does that make you interested in the original song used? I find that I am interested to find out what the original song was about and who made it, at times. Have you ever liked an old song and heard a similar sound from that modern song that uses a sample from the old one? Will Smith has used many samples from older music.

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