Friday, October 24, 2014

Are we living in a bubble?

Our generations are slowly becoming more and more attached to our smart phones and technology. They are slowly creating their own type of world. The way we communicate, find out what is going on in the real world, and entertain ourselves all come from the internet. So, is the internet our new bubble? What would we do if the internet was taken away? Here is what a British guy says about it: 

He goes into depth and explain how it would almost be impossible to shut down the internet. But if it were to happen it would be equivalent to a natural disaster. Millions of jobs would be shut down. Socially, people would not be able to communicate. And lastly, people would be much more literate.

The entire world would go into shock. 
What do you think would happen?

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  1. I feel like we are becoming more fragmented as a society, which I think is along the lines of what you are saying. When I think about how each new technology we invent has removed a social aspect from humanity, I only see it getting worse.

    When you think about the evolution of technology, it's easy to see. Humans would sit around a fire to listen to stories, or meet in a public place to watch a play or show of some kind, or even admire art. Then came radio and newspapers. People began to group in small family units, and listen to radio. Soon came television, which was also a form of making our groups smaller, much like radio. After that, computers came along, and started to funnel our families into one person, or two, sitting around the screen. Now, with phones and tablets, the small screen and access to almost limitless content, has finally isolated us into a single person watching a tiny screen. Google glass is the next stage, which isn't so much different, but it will make it so we can't step away from the device as easily. The screen being attached to our heads will only make it that much more difficult to socialize in the future.