Friday, October 24, 2014


the article written by kubey in which he presented the fact that people spend 3 hours of time with some sort of television activity or entertainment outlet didn't surprise me whatsoever. In this day and age where a phone has turned into a tablet/computer/television makes tv and entertainment that much more accessible. The fact that the number is that low is what surprises me. i can vouch for being part of that number if not skewing it any higher for that matter. the question in my mind that arises is,"will this in turn affect social skills and situations of face to face contact?". I can never really come up with a common denominator in this social facet of life. I feel like over time there has always been something to distract us socially whether it be the newspaper, a movie, television show, and even the radio. The fact that all these things are much more accessible and are in your pocket 24 hours a day is what makes me think the latter. maybe it is more distracting, maybe i need to step outside to smell the roses. until then, i will be watching netflix.

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  1. I agree with you, but at the moment, I'm so busy with school that I find little time to do anything but homework and studying. When I'm not in school, I do spend 2 hours about 4 times a week, watching shows on Netflix. I feel like this time isn't as bad as just sitting down and flipping through the channels until I find something to watch. I know what I want, and I got to it. No commercials is also a plus.

    I also agree with you, that no matter what decade you look at, there is always some form of media that is a distraction. And like you said, it's all in your pocket 24 hours a day now. So everyone is always attached to a network where they can watch anything.