Friday, October 24, 2014

Is our Future rising to a temperature of a Fahrenheit 451 Degree?

I am for one not a huge TV viewer. I really like watching the news and would say that is my addiction if I had to. I would even go back and watch episodes of the news that were even a few days old, weeks old at time depending what was available, because that is what I choose to watch. I love watching the news because I like knowing what is going on in the world  and all the few happy things people our doing in their communities. The news is what actually  had influenced me to become a communications major. I realized I wanted to be a news anchor. However now that I am in my major I am indecisive which direction I want to take.

Besides the point, we have discussed about books and tv and it made me think a lot of the impact the two and even made me think about the future. My mom once said she thinks there will be a time where books will be a historical treasure and be a thing of the past. Do you think everything will become digital and books will be only an analogical form such as records or vhses, an old way of reading. Where will we be in 20 years? It made me recall a book I read a very long time ago in either my junior high school English  or senior year. It was titled Fahrenheit 451. The book is about Firemen who starts fire instead of distinguishing them and they thing they are burning are books. Books are the enemy in this world, because it leads to dispositions and the government (hegemony) wants nothing other than to brainwash the public with television. I read this book four or three years ago thinking such a world would never exist, but maybe it is approaching? We always convince ourselves  that such things will never but World War II happened and lots of other horrific things in our history.
If you have not read this book, I highly recommend it, promise you won't be disappointed, I actually want to read it again myself.

I gotta keep my blog fun so here is a short clip of the Simpsons as Homer is struggling to give up tv and beer cold turkey I believe. It is interesting though that the tv "addiction" is associated with the actual alcohol addiction. So is tv an addiction? It is also interestingly enough that another scene is a clip is Homer scarfing down food to coop with the withdrawals he is facing, which could possibly be another addiction or just a thing people turn toward to coop with the trials in life. 

Global warming is here, are we at 451 degrees yet? 

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