Friday, October 24, 2014

Too Much TV?

  As we have been talking about film and television these past few classes. I have pretty much been lost, I hardly ever watch any TV and I basically only watch movies when I'm forced to. There are a few movies that I just watch, if I just find a random movie off Netflix's I pretty much know with in 30 minutes I will be asleep. Last class someone had brought up that when kids watch a lot of TV when they are younger causes problems and if you look it up there are a bunch of researches that showed the same thing. Kids that have disciplinary problems, lessen attention spans, etc. However there is one article I sound that was on SpongeBob. They took a bunch of 4 year olds and split them up between, watching SpongeBob, watching Cailou, and drawing. They let them do their activity for 9 minutes and then based them on if they could stay on task. The kids watching Cailou and the ones that had been drawing scored the same but the ones that were watching SpongeBob did substantially worse. Which makes a lot of since considering SpongeBob target audience is 6-11 year olds. So now lies the question is TV causeing the problems or is what kids are watching cause the problems? I think it is a little of both, yes little kids watching mass amounts of TV cant be good for them it's not good for anyone. However I think that there is a big difference in kids that watch educational programs that are teaching them verses kids that are just watching regular cartoons.

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