Sunday, October 26, 2014

American Horror Story

           The most surprising popular TV show to me is American Horror Story. I have avidly watched the last three seasons, and do my best to make time for the fourth, even though it genuinely horrifies me. I continue to want to know what's going to happen next. Is it like Stephen King said in the slide show? That we are fascinated by horror because is satisfies our basest instinct? Or are we just entertained by being scared?
           Because I'm a fan of the show I'd like to say I'm just a fan of being scared. If I ever saw a crazy clown stabbing someone I would guess that I would be extremely horrified and not entertained in the least.
           I feel like this fascination for the horrifying is sweeping the nation. I've seen more scary movies in theaters in the last year then I ever have before.
            The first season of American Horror Story had a crazy murdering teenager as the love interest for one of the main characters and he was extrememly popular among the fans. Though the messages that the episodes send are negaitve people keep coming back for more.
           While I am biased and would say that I enjoy getting scared there are times where that show just genuinely disturbs you. It shows you some of what people have done in that past because of prejudice or just greed. In the second season, which took place in an asylum, one of the main characters was in the asylum and considered crazy
 because the person in charge of the asylum didn't like the questions she was asking.
           The third season showed what people had done because of racism and fear of witches. The show forces people to see what people in the past had done to other human beings, I think it really makes you question how good people are if they're willing to do that to another person.

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  1. i think being scared can be a little exciting, but being in actual danger is NOT lol, I personally love getting scared, there really is something exciting about not knowing when something is going to pop out and scare you. Also ive been seeing a lot more horror flicks coming out, a lot more shows with zombies, ghosts, etc. and i think its because being scared gets ratings people want to jump out of their seat without having a actual zombie gnaw on their face.