Friday, October 24, 2014

Television makes you smarter ? maybe ? maybe not?

T.V. makes you smarter? compared to TV shows they had back in the 60's and 70's, it does make you smarter. because people are more connected today than they were back then, we have access to a lot more information. TV now days is packed with a lot more facts and info than it was back in the 50's-70's. In the "reading" the book made a comparison to two tv shows "24" and "bonanza", and stated that "24" though it is fictional, is based in the real life and deals with current events like politics and terrorism. Ive watch a lot of television and to be perfectly honest i pick up a lot of useful information. compared to old tv we have shows dedicated to things like surviving in the desert, jungle, mountains,etc. shows that talk about health conditions, marriage advice, how to run a successful business, etc. all in all what im trying to say even though you cant believe everything you see on tv, some if it is very true and some of it is even scientifically proven.

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