Sunday, October 26, 2014

T.V. and Such Things

As the years have passed by, and as I have gotten older I have to say that television has made a huge jump from where it was when I younger. Though T.V. has become more diverse, intelligent, and advanced it has changed for the worse. And it is evident in new generation, and in more to come.

I say this because growing up, it was all about being outside and being active, and focusing on school work (reading)  and having limited T.V. time or at-least a schedule. But now kids are watching T.V at an enormous rate. Kids and older people are influenced by T.V. because everything is entertaining even info that should be taken to heart and looked at as serious, and everything on T.V is influential to children. They see things happen and they thing it is ok to act this way because they're favorite character acted that way or said that certain thing. I think it is also taking away a bit of intelligence because kids would much rather watch a television program that isn't as educational as stated than to sit down read a book and problem solve, and I think this has definitely attributed to kids and adults being lazier and less determined now a days; however this is just my observation

 Another bad thing about television for children is the hidden subliminal messages in children's shows that they cant pick up on, nor do they understand, and its not good because they go around quoting things that they don't realize are detrimental, but I don't thing we will ever be able to monitor what they watch because now you have smart phones, iPod's, ipad's, and all sorts of mini T.V'S 

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