Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hulu Advertising

In class on Thursday, we talked about the ways the social media can influence pop culture and media in society. Then we talked about how we've been seeing ads on sites like Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It made me think about ads that drive me crazy--HULU ADS. You all know what I'm talking about. You're sitting on your bed with your laptop watching Walking Dead (or Greys Anatomy, or Parks and Rec, or some random show you started watching and didn't realize you liked until you watched it for the next 5 hours), it gets to a super exciting scene and BAM advertisement. What a change from Netflix where you can sit in the same position for days and not have to even pick up the remote (except to click "continue watching" when it asks you after you've watched way to much). But recently Hulu started something that I think is interesting--Which ad experience would you prefer?
The first time this happened I was like, "Wait what the f--" and then clicked on Fancy Feast even though I don't have a cat. And you know what? I was so much more involved in the ad experience. And I wasn't so upset because I knew I chose that ad, it was my own fault (not really, screw Hulu's ads). I think it definitely helped though. And even on Facebook, or Gmail, or Twitter--the ads are related to you. If you actually look at them and realize that it's something you could be interested in, you'll realize that social media, advertising and marketing are getting pretty dang smart. They're on top now, and there's nothing we can do about it.


  1. It actually makes me feel paranoid because I feel like nothing I do on the internet is really safe and secret. I think it is totally not okay that they can just take your data from Facebook and use it for their ads. You might feel safe in the internet but I actually think someone might know every move you do on the internet and you're always leaving your tracks.
    The other day I saw an add for hoodies with your own personal print and there was a sample picture of a hoodie saying: I might live in the USA but I'm a German girl at heart. (which is 100% my situation right now). That was really freaking me out.
    I mean, I don't think it will get to the point where it is dangerous or something, but it is just really annyoing and scary to know.

  2. I wish that companies didn't remember what we search so that we had a little more privacy. I know that it's the internet so we can't really have privacy, but that doesn't make it okay to give us advertisements on things that we searched for one time. Like one time, i looked up something for my friend once. A book that I didnt even care about. Ever since then, I have had advertisements focused on that book. Like, I don't even care about the thing.

  3. I view it the same way: nothing on the internet is secret. I like to say I keep a big enough footprint online so some Homeland Security officer can investigate me online and not come bother me in person. You can also control your image by what you put online.