Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Most Successful Ads

Talking about advertising in class made me think about what my favorite ads are and why. Is it because they use some of Fowle's 15 Advertising Basic Appeals? And which ones do they use? This commercial is one of my favorite out there. 
Every time I watch this commercial, I crack up. Without fail. But I don't think it really presents itself in a way that shows one of the 15 Basic Appeals. It is just humorous. It doesn't show a need for anything. Except a need to ship their products. I don't necissariyl think this is the most successful commercial because it doesn't make me want to go to KMart and get my stuff shipped to me. In my opinion this is the most successful commercial:
This commercial makes me crave kit kats so bad! Just the crunch and seeing all of those people just chillin eating their Kit Kats make me jealous! This uses Fowel's #11: Need To Escape and #13 Need for Aesthetic Sensation. It makes you crave that crunch and taste of chocolate. But also it is referring to eating a Kit Kat as a break. It's an escape from your every day life to just enjoy a Kit Kat. 
Does this commercial make you crave the candy? 
And what is your favorite commercial? 
Why is it your favorite?


  1. I thought the "Ship My Pants" ads were hilarious. They had another one that had Satan in it and he was trying to get people to say his name differently. Not as funny as the pants commercial, but the same idea. What did you think about the Kit Kat options I blogged about in Japan? Do you crave any of those flavors?

  2. The "Ship my Pants" ad is very funny and clever. I hadn't remembered seeing in on TV before so I was looking into it and many people wanted it removed. I can see it both ways however if you put a different item instead of pants it ruins the humor.