Friday, November 14, 2014

The Influence of the Media

Is media efficient for us? It is funny to think and look back at the different types of media I use. I remember when I was 16 I think, my mom REFUSED to let me have a Facebook and/or Myspace when it was big back in the day. I finally convinced her to let me have a Facebook when I got a job and I told her my job required me to have one so she finally gave in. Moms what can you do with them..... But i remember spending hours going through feeds thinking of clever things to say, and all that jazz. I use to be so anxious to get likes and comments on my status. And then I moved to Instagram an was addicted to that, but that one was a bit of a tough transition only cause I thought having a feed of just pictures what boring, but then I became addicted. Then twitter was a big thing for me and now I am all about the snapchat. Social Media is a beautiful thing but maybe the biggest influence it has on us
is addiction. 
I have heard of statistics that people who are on social media more often feel less lonely, but I noticed I go a little crazy when a friend of mine pauses in between sentences as she fades in and out of our conversation. Our how when there is an awkward silence in the room it is filled with lighten up faces. Or sometimes the silence in the room is solely because of the lighten up faces.

Now I am just like the next person when it comes to socially media, I enjoy it and love  it and  I still look forward to getting responses on the posts I put out to the world. But over the years I have actually used less media, but maybe it is because my feeds have seem to become so impersonal with more mimes or #fitlife instead of seeing the things that my family and friends are actually doing or learning about their interests, what they care about or what they have planned for the future.

Now I love social media, and I think it is a beautiful thing. But there are a lot of beautiful things in world, but I truly believe it is all about using things for the right reasons and  moderation.  


  1. This is cool to think about. I feel the same exact way. It'll be interesting to see how social media affects the way we interact with each other in the future.

  2. This is super interesting, because 10 or 15 years ago, social media didn't have that much of an influence on society. But now, people can't seem to do simple, everyday things (like eating lunch or dinner) without posting about it somewhere. I feel like alot of social media isn't worth my time when people are just posting pictures of their lunch or other mundane things. But I still waste time on it anyways. Just imagine how much more efficient and productive we would be if we didn't have social media!

  3. Everywhere we go today, you will always see someone on their phone. Social media plays a huge role in our daily lives. An example would be if you're in your house, in your own room and your sister shouts out your name, you'd probably message her on Facebook, snap chat, or even text her to ask her what she wanted. Social media has actually replaced the news about the world. It spreads faster on social media rather than television or newspapers. I'm pretty sure the world would be lost if social media was never created.

    1. I don't think the world would be lost, but it would definitely be less convenient, and we would all have more time and know less about mundane things.