Friday, November 14, 2014

Social Media Affects

    So today in class we were watching a video on Cairo and the affect that social media has on our society. I never put too much thought into it but it really does affect a great part of our daily lives. I think that in a way we've become negligent to using our own words and expressing ourselves the way people use to. What I mean with that is, we don't really know how to live without social media anymore.
    Through out this time our society seems to be getting more and more dependent on having a phone and having access to the internet and some even make a living off of being on the internet. In this generation we see younger and younger children walking around with phones. I'm not saying that social media is bad but I do think we're spending too much time on it.
    On the bright side children are being better educated on the effects of it and the problems that could surface from social media. In my opinion its in children's benefit to be exposed to all of the social media because they better understand how to use and become much more familiar with it which is a crucial part of college, so it's something that could possibly benefit them in the long run.
    In the movie we watched today in class the men who organized the entire gatherings were younger men who were more educated on the affects of social media and in the end they got what they were looking for; their president resigned and it opened windows for other countries in the region to fight for what they wanted as a nation and the way they crossed the message was through facebook.

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