Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Violence and Video games. Are these a related topic?

There are many people out there that will claim that there is a connection to violence and video games. Many will tell you that the two are connected. I disagree. There are people out there, that are affected by video games, however, I think that it is more of an outlet for those people that may already have violent tendencies.
                                  (Warning: Bad Language!)
 I for one can say that I've played video games all my life, and I have not once had the urge to go out and shoot someone, or hurt someone just for kicks and giggles.
I do think that children tend to copy what they see. However, I believe that as you grow up, you learn to understand what is reality, and what is not. You learn what is okay to do, and what is wrong. It comes with being a child.
So, there is little to almost no link to video games causing someone to be violent, or to turn out violent.


  1. First, this video is sad. Clearly the video game did not make him become violent rather the people he plays with, who teases him about his physique that he clearly is already battling himself about.
    I think videos games can be linked to children violence, but I agree with your point that children can grow out of it. But do we all grow out of it? Or are those certain individuals who grow to be adults, who don't grow out of the violence the one don't the terrible acts? And as we have seen one too many times children are quite capable of devastating acts. So you have to think again if video games are part of the problem to influence some of the devastating outrages we see scatter the news headlines.
    Clearly other factors like bullying, like viewed in this video, lead to the tragedy headlines as well. But I can see the anger and frustration that you watch and feel in this video growing to becoming one of those headlines. I don't think video games are bad, but like all good things they need moderation.

  2. I agree with this to an extent because even though we are suppose to mature as we grow up and learn the difference between good or bad what about the exceptions? What about those who have mental illnesses no yet detected and have been exposed to violent video games and begin doing things they shouldn't be doing such as stealing or hitting people or getting into fights and in severe cases become psychopaths ? I guess the real question here is do you think that there should be an age in which children should be allowed to begin playing violent video games or should we continue letting children play even though some studies show that video games are linked to making people more violent?

  3. I have played video games through a portion of my life and I can honestly say that they have never influenced me or made me want to perform what is happening throughout the game. I think video games can influence the weak minded individuals who choose to act before thinking things fully through. An example of these people could be young children who continuously play violent video games. I think parents should watch what younger kids will play so they will not be affected in a negative way. In the end I do not think video games are a problem, they just can influence certain people who lack certain aspects of common sense.