Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Social Media

I remember in high school at least my junior and senior year no one wanted to admit to going on Facebook, yet we had a private page for our class so we could talk to everyone if we had a question about an assignment. At any given moment I would have at least 5 notifications from that page. It was always the same people too and they were the ones that would not admit to using Facebook.  

I myself am on social media a lot. I find it an easy way to connect with my family since they mainly live out of the U.S. It’s a lot easier than calling them and its free. But why is it a negative thing to admit to using a lot of social media? It seems like most people, at least in our generation, it is their main use of communication. Especial with Snapchat becoming so popular.

To put it in perspective, on Facebook, there are 1.35 billion active users, 864 million daily users, 290,000 states updates per minute, 140,000 pictures posted per minute, 500,000 comments posted and the average person spends 21 minutes on Facebook a day.

On twitter, 120,000 tweets a minute, 284 million users, 80% of users are on a mobile app, and 77% of users are not in the U.S.

On Instagram, 1350 pictures a minute, 200 million users and, 75 million daily users.

On Snapchat, 400 million snaps are sent a day, on average people get 20-50 snaps a day, there are 100 million users, 70% of users are female and 77% of college students admit to having a Snapchat.

While I was looking up the statistics there were links below each asking if I wanted to tweet the statistics. Do twitter users really want to see the statistics of use? Would it make them feel guilty for using it so much? Would it make any of them change their habits?


  1. I use Facebook for the same reason. My family is so far away from me, and phone calls cost a lot. I use Facebook to talk to them, although it isn't the same as hearing their voices, it works for me because it's free of charge. I also think people use Facebook for wrong reasons. People tend to talk bad about others and then cause drama that everyone could see. Everyone has a Facebook page and information goes out really fast when on social media. There are lots of people that post inappropriate pictures and make fake pages with other's names and use other people's pictures. Facebook has it's advantages and disadvantages.

  2. I also use social media to keep in touch with friends and family that live far away. I feel Facebook is great for college students because my friend circle's from high school went all across the country.
    In answer to your question about twitter users. I think most would be proud how many tweets we have done. This summers World Cup broke the record for tweets during a single event (I was one or two of them ;) after that stat was announced, I recall seeing a lot of tweet's about the broken record. So if anything seeing the stats seems to boost Tweet's and post on social media.

  3. Loved this post! Social media absolutely controls our generation, as proven by all the statistics you gave. Facebook has become more common than texting or phone calls for some people. I can say I don't check Facebook as much as I used to, and today I use Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat on a daily basis. It's weird how it kind of becomes a routine for parts of your day. For example, waking up and checking everything, checking sites before and after class, during meals, after practice, before bed; the amount of usage shows a bad media addiction, and by the numbers you gave it looks like I'm not the only one with this issue. This was a really interesting post, thanks for sharing, Tacy!

  4. It funny to hear you say that people were worried about using to much social media. Cause when I was in jr. high and high school my mom wouldn't allow me to get into social media and I felt that I would be criticized or teased for not being involved on social media and I felt like I was missing out on stuff because I wasn't involved. I love social media and even my mom is into social media as well, but I agree that all things are good in moderation.