Thursday, November 13, 2014

Is our media biased ? 

I would say yes, because I believe media has become a business like any other. I believe that money dictates what is being covered in the media and how it is portrayed. I found a video that I think explains pretty good how media works.

Ideal journalism would be that a journalist tries to report as neutral as possible about a story. But in TV, this does not seem possible because the biggest news channel are leaning clearly towards two different political parties and do not report neutral at all. But how is it with print journalism ?

I think lately there has been a trend in print journalism of taking over stories delivered by PR agencies. Of course, the PR agencies want to make money. I have read an article with a study, that a lot of stories often make it to the newspaper without even being really changed or without further research on it. If it works that way, how can the journalist make sure that the information he got is not biased ?

And I think even if the reporter is doing his own story, you can never be unbiased. Your choosing of words might tell the reader your attitute towards a certain thing or which information you choose to cover or not to cover. I think no one can leave their bias aside but as a journalist I think you have a kind of a commitment to at least try. And I think you should try to uncover facts that the normal person is not aware of.

Do you feel that that is being done enough in the media ? Did you ever gain a critical perspective on something from the media ?

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  1. I completely agree with you that the media is a lot of the supply and demand. The majority of people demand certain things and that what they give to us. The funny thing is that if you we started demanding more of the minority and/or demanded that we wanted an even view of things we would probably get it cause that is what we are demanding so they would give it to us. But how much of that of it would really be both sides of the issue, or would they simply make us believe that we were getting both sides of the view. Lets all face it, being human is being biased, there is no physical way possible to not be. I think we just gotta remind ourselves to be open minded, and to be aware that we are all human, therefore all biased and that you need to critically think for yourself about things, and decide for yourself what you think. I think people just think less critically.