Friday, November 14, 2014

Media Bias, Social Media Not As Much
Start on 4 min.

This video is about a documentary that shows the bias in mass media by corporations. It shows stories that they look over to straight out not report on. Most of these stories come from the 90's and early 2000's. At those times there was a limit of places one could go to get news: television, radio, and newspaper. All of these mediums are controlled by the same corporations, thus similar stories are shown and stories that are looked over have no where else to turn.

Today, I do not doubt that the same practices continue but stories that would get looked over have more of a chance of getting "air time." I was talking to my friend, who informed me about an incident where people are protesting in Mexico over the missing kids and they stormed a government building. This information was not on any major news stations or papers that I have seen. Another story he informed me on was a protest on a major highway in the middle of Mexico where the Natives were protesting on the unfair treatment of their lands. These stories were not posted on any major new stations but he ended up posting them in Facebook and other social network sites.

Video recordings and the posting of these recordings sometimes end up on the news because of the outrage from the people who view them. With social media, news are more into the hands of the people thus more people are willing to share stories that the mass media is too bias to show. Of course people have there own biases that will show but over shadowed stories still have more of a chance on being shown. 

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