Friday, November 14, 2014

Media Bias and Outside Perspective

Do we have media bias? Of course we do! We're human beings with emotions and opinions that will influence our work without us even noticing. Some news providers are simply better than others at keeping a balanced view of things.
However, if you truly want the most clear-headed, unbiased perspective of events, you need to take a step back. I suggest stepping back all the way to the UK. The BBC and other British news outlets give us the closest thing to a level-headed take on U.S. and global events as we can ask for of emotional human beings. The British are our friends and allies, but they are far enough removed from us to "keep things real."
I've also noticed that news in Britain is less of an entertainment farce as it is here in the U.S. Here's a fantastic example:

As he states, and as is clear in the footage shown,  coverage of Ebola in British media is "calm, measured.... In America, not so much." It's hilarious, until you realize how many Americans are actually buying into the panic our news sources are trying to generate.
So, if you ever find yourself unsure of your stance on a particular topic/event, political or otherwise, turn off your local news and tune in to something from abroad. If you really are dedicated to getting all sides of the story, watch news from various nations to help you form a very well-rounded view of the situation.

*Also, just a quick addition on the subject of media bias on a more local level: Our own in-state situation of the clearly-biased, church-owned Deseret News attempting to take over the Salt Lake Tribune is a personal concern of mine. If you're not a member of the Church That Need Not Be Named in this state, this monopolization of all Utah media is essentially a gag order. (Disclaimer: this last bit was brought to you by my own humble opinion. You need pay no regard to it if it offends you.)


  1. I think Americans maybe are the drama queens in that we like drama. I mean I don't how many series of tv shows I have watched that are themed around crime. I have noticed over the past few years that there are so many. You cannot flip through the channels and not come across one. I have to even admit that I was alarmed when I first heard of Ebola and what it potential could be. And though maybe the British is calm what if they are underestimating the situation, where as maybe we are overestimating. I mean after all in the video the guy did gesture that the virus has emotions. but Americans may not be bright either, hence the black guy obviously into white women, who thinks he won't get any solely cause the first cause of Ebola was in a black man. But the funnier thing then that is he may have a point to be quite honest, though he was probably unaware of the point he made looking back at orientalism. But look at us now conversing on what Americans are like versus UK based off a series of few seconds clips from a show who is obviously made for entertainment. You still think media doesn't have influence on us. But I agree with you, not that I was disagreeing with you just discussion, that if you want an both sides of the spectrum you have to look for them yourself and from there make your own biased opinion for yourself to share with the world, after all we are all human.

  2. Hilarious clip, and yes, even as a Mormon I do agree with you on the media takeover. Fortunately, in today's world, no one really reads one newspaper or even necessarily a local one anymore. We read what catches our attention online and we click on.