Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cones of Dunshire

Yes, I realize that we already watched the Cones of Dunshire in class. But I cannot help but expand on it, just because I don't think all of you realized how funny of a scene this is. So there's this game called Settlers of Catan. Once you learn how to play it, it really is pretty fun. But it takes a while to get the hang of it. I found this instructional video online but this is the only one I could find under ten minutes if that tells you how ridiculous of a game it is.

So this game is full of tons of rules, different weird pawn pieces, little circles you have to put places and then there's three different sets of cards that do all different things. It makes me so happy that a TV show can reference another type of media (video games) that only some people will understand and get. But I feel like if there was a crowd that played Settlers of Catan that a TV show could target and give a laugh to--it would be the kind of people that watch Parks and Rec as well.

Here is the clip we watched in class that is the Cones of Dunshire..


  1. Wil Wheaton is a huge influence on modern board game groups everywhere, if you don't know, he has an youtube video series called Tabletop, it is well worth the look.

    There is also another group that plays board games and drinks beer, which is a very funny combination. Check that out here, at Beer and Board Games. (warning, some language)

    Have a great Thanksgiving!