Thursday, November 13, 2014

This week we have been talking about social media and I found this really interesting video on YouTube.  It shows a lot of results from studies on Social Networking, and the effects it is having on our society.  A lot of the data really surprised me, I think its a great video in showing how big and popular social media is becoming in today's society.


I think that Social media is a good thing but if over used becomes a waste of time.  And unfortunately I would say majority of people that have social media overuse it, especially teenagers and even adults.  The reason I think social media is a good thing is it helps you stay in touch with friends from high school.  And I think it's a really valuable way to stay in touch with family members that have moved away.  Some bad things I think that social media are well shown in this article online:

It talks about some bad things that are results from overuse of social media like, lack of attention span, decline in intellectual abilities, stress, fatigue, and emotion suppression.  I agree that social media is a bad thing when over-used! I don't think that it can be considered bad though because literally everything when overused is considered bad, not just social media.  People just need to learn to take a break, limit how much time you spend on social media.  Go out and get some fresh air, but most importantly give your brain a break, and just relax.  Don't always pull out you're phone when you have a spare time.

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  1. I absolutely agree with this video especially what it has to say about sharing too much information because it could potentially lead to suicide. The reason I agree with that is because the things we publicize about our life are our personal decisions and we should think about the consequences before we post them. We know our own limits and if criticism is something we don't know how to deal with it's pretty much our fault for exposing things that could potentially lead to that extreme. Although it happens on social media I don't think it's what necessarily makes it bad I just think that certain situations should be handled in different ways and people don't need to know your every step of the way because with all honesty majority of them don't really care.