Thursday, December 4, 2014

Aliens vs. Ghosts:.

With such a broad definition as events or things not associated with scientific knowledge, paranormal activity could refer to almost anything. What I think of when I hear paranormal activity first and foremost is aliens and/or UFO's.

Many claim to have seen some type of Alien life, whether it be that of a UFO or weird happenings affecting their use of technology. Though a person who experienced the phenomena directly is convinced that they saw a craft or being from another galaxy, there are logical explanations to what they may have seen. However, when alien activity occurs it almost always is accompanied  by flashing lights, erratic movement and, as if to seal the deal, no sound whatsoever. In other alien findings, some are able to communicate with these unknown creatures, but have never been able to catch it on film, or record what they're experiencing. I for one am not convinced. I personally, have no belief in aliens or UFO's. There is constantly so much going on in the sky that we have little knowledge about, so I feel like it is unfair to make assumptions that aliens are making visits to earth and messing with us.


  1. What is Funny is UFO's have a stigma that they have to be an from out of this world.
    Just a few night ago me and my dad saw some U.F.O in its true form we don't know what it was but we are sure the is a logical reason to what we saw. Maybe we are just skeptics but it is interesting how some people jump to UFO and other to a U.F.O

  2. UFO's and Aliens are they real, have people really been in contact with them??? That's the question, me personally I don't think their is anything out there. As many of times we have sky rocketed in to space and we haven't had any run in with any types of UFO's or it could just be they haven't told us, who knows. But don'y it think was real and was just a rumor.

  3. I'm so unsure how to feel about aliens... Part of me thinks with how big space is that there must be something else out there. Another part of me thinks that that we would have documented some sort alien activity of some sort. I think our obsession as a society with aliens comes from our wonder of aliens in general and how much it makes us wonder what's out there.