Friday, December 12, 2014

Connoted meanings

Connotative words:
Childlike, Youthful, Childish, Young: Childish and childlike implies that someone is immature, but youthful infers that someone is lively and energetic.
Cheap, Frugal, Miserly, Economical: Cheap, frugal, and miserly infers that someone is not generous and is very stingy with their money.
Young, Immature, Juvenile, Youthful:Immature and juvenile suggest that someone is childish.
Confident, Secure, Proud, Egotistical: Proud and egotistical mean that someone thinks very highly of themselves.
Talkative, Conversational, Chatty, Nosy: Talkative and chatty can mean that someone talks too much; and nosy that someone asks too many questions.

Cup at the end of the table: I need a refill
Hand wave in the car: Thank you
Rubber band on the door: Private/do not enter
Lemon on a glass of Coke: Informing that its Diet

We aren't always taught what things mean, we tend to just pick things up as we go. Our perception of things can be different which makes things hard. The peace sign could mean one thing here but something totally different in another country.

Our generation really does interpret everything differently and usually in a negative manner. the definition of words is just one example, if someone has too many tattoos they're trashy. If a girls shorts are too short shes a slut, if a guy genuinely likes to cook and is clean, hes gay. You do realize what happens when you ass-u-me right? 

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