Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What's In A Package?

Let's look at packaging.  I'm sure we all already realize the significance of package design in our world today, but do you think young children know?  Packaging design for the most part in my opinion is heavily geared towards young children.  For instance, look at cereal boxes like Cap'n Crunch here.  Lots of contrast and complimentary colors, fun fonts and cartoon characters.  Simple red background to lessen it's distraction.  To finish it off, hardly any text at all.  This is obviously designed to be a visual attention grabber.

 Now that we've grown up a little bit, let's look at a more adult approach to packaging.  Here is the Netflix login screen.  Although there aren't cartoon characters or fun fonts, you still are shown a very simple layout.  A small amount of text in the sign in box and the Netflix logo is the only text you see on the page.  The clean image for the background isn't too flashy to distract you from signing in.  And then there is an attractive woman to give the background some actual information to process, kind of like Cap'n Crunch up there.

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  1. I've read that stores will actually put the bigger, more expensive brands at eye level with young children in the shopping cart. I guess they are more likely to grab at it and throw a fit if they don't get it? I've noticed this more and more as an adult, usually the cheapest brands are either on the top of the shelf or bottom. I guess I own my 5'10 height to my cheap grocery bill. ;)