Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How social media changes throughout the year.

Something that I have really started to notice this year more then ever is how much social media changes throughout the year especially from November to January. The obvious thing that would change is a lot more companies doing holiday ads on twitter Facebook etc. but also how many different meme's there are for college students to try to explain their lives and how they feel around finals time. On twitter there is all kinds of stuff about how your brain works in finals time, how your life sucks, or how you are always stressed out about studying and your grades. I never noticed this really last year when I was in college or even the year before that you never saw things like "finals week starter packs" on twitter or things that that. Even the school social media is doing things to help students relive stress in finals week with things likes the car smash to relieve stress that they are doing outside on campus today! I wonder if anyone else has noticed this lately such as I have?


  1. Yes, this is always the case. Right now I get a lot of people decorating their Christmas tree, house lights, etc. Some ladies share every breaking detail of their pregnancy or a thousand pictures of their new baby. Every year there are first day of school pictures and Halloween costume pictures. Flowers at Valentines and trends like the ice bucket challenge. One I am guilty of is bragging about my garden in the summer with lots of produce pictures.

  2. Social media has definitely changed dramatically, I cant believe where we have come from when Myspace came into play to where instagram and all of the other mediums have come today

  3. I agree, I think that social media is rapidly changing. I had instagram 3 years ago and had no idea what it really was, I just liked using the filters to edit my photos & now its one of the fastest growing apps. Now theres throw back thursdays and transformation tuesdays. The media keeps coming out with more and more trends. I remember when getting tagged in a photo was popular and you had to list things that people didn't know about you, then it was 30 day photo challenge.