Friday, December 12, 2014

Board Games

Call me crazy but I love getting a big group together and playing mad gab or cards against humanity.

The thing about the world we live in is of course the one thing we can't live without, technology. Growing up when I did, we slowly started getting things like the walkman and nintendos. It was all about uno, skip-bo, monopoly and apples to apples on Sundays. We actually would interact with people. These days 3 year olds have their own iPad and 10 year olds have cell phones.

Its no wonder kids are developing social problems. HELLOOOOOOO maybe if kids would actually have a conversation with a human instead of a device we wouldn't be having this issue.

Board games were fun because there was laughing, and learning, and just all around having a good time. I feel bad for the kids today because they are missing out on those fun childhood memories I got to experience growing up, because parents now a days would rather hand their kids an iPad to occupy them then actually sit down as a family and play a game. Its really sad.

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  1. I definitely agree. Board games were so fun to play as a kid with your siblings and friends. And they helped kids to make friends too.
    On the other hand though, I can understand that it would be easier for a parent to hand their child their iphone to play with to keep them quiet. There are some educational and learning apps for kids, but there is alot of apps that are not intellectually challenging at all.