Friday, December 5, 2014

violent video games make for a violent reality?

      Its no big secret that folks have been saying video games especially violent ones, rotten the brain and can even lead to aggressive behavior. As true as this may seem I for one personally feel that most of it depends on your upbringing. And the reason i think that is because ive played violent video games for as long as i could remember, and i am not a violent person, (furthest thing from as a matter of fact). I'd even go as far as to say that video games (including violent ones) can also be therapeutic, when it comes to relieving stress and letting out pent up aggression. Playing videogames is what i do to escape the struggles of everyday life.


  1. i totally agree what your saying about playing violent video games, because growing up i played all type of killing n robbing type video games and for a fact i not a killer, yea i may have stole some candy when i was younger kid haha, but the way they make it seem is crazy. I'm not sure but have they one a study or found any type of violent video game in one of any of those kids that went on a killing rampage room???

  2. The first clip does not use first person shooter games, just strategy puzzles. These games are not what other studies say make you more aggressive. The second one talks mainly about sports games. Neither of these clips address the age issue that most scholarly studies do, the mature brain is not affected like a young one.

    1. i know, sorry, im terrible at this blogging thing. I was just trying to say that, if these video games can relieve stress in certain aspects, then maybe violent video games can be therapeutic in a certain aspect also, the reason being because ive played violent shooting games when i was a child, and i remember the feeling of pent up frustration leaving as i killed and shot all these people on my video games.

  3. I totally agree I don't think that games alone make a person violent or anything like that but at the same time I do think that if I person has mental problems to being with that violent video games can then send someone over the edge but I don't think that games alone are the thing that makes people be violent or have a violent mindset.