Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Taco Bell's twitter

Have you guys ever looked up TacoBell’s twitter account? It’s hilarious. And I think it is one of their most successful forms of advertising and they make a lot of their customers happy because they respond to nearly all of the tweets they are tagged in, and sometimes they reply to tweets that are just about tacos, tweets they were never even tagged in. 

Here are some of @TacoBell’s tweets:

Their twitter account responds to a lot of the tweets they get, and the responses are usually witty and honest. I don’t know if they just have one person running the account, or a team of people, but whoever is running the account should probably get a raise.

Their tweets are great advertising, and they appeal to consumers in a few different ways.  The biggest one of Fowle’s 15 basic advertising appeals is the physiological needs of people. Their need to eat. Even if they are eating cheap tacos.  
Some people are probably tweeting at taco bell just to get them to respond, so their need for attention.

Also, I found this post online called “5 ways taco bell is killing it with social media”
It’s pretty interesting, you guys should check it out!

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