Thursday, December 4, 2014

Looking back now I realize that I had no idea the intensity of media, when I first entered this class. I had not heard of half the movies, TV shows, or video games that we have talked about. I was clueless to all of the theories and hidden means with in social media. Now I cannot watch a movie or TV show and not think about all the hidden meanings and laugh tracks. It has really made me curious, do most people pick up on all of those things on their own? Or do they have to have someone point it out to them? Granted growing up I rarely was in front of the TV, so does watching TV from a young age make you more susceptible to pick up the meanings?

 It has been an eye opener to me to see how much people use social media in their daily lives and how addicting it gets. Since I have done my media fast I have really become aware of how useful media is, but I have also become aware how demanding it is. Since I did my media fast I set aside specific times in my week that I turn off my phone to just enjoy the day or get stuff done. It amazes me how much I can get done when I don’t have that constant distraction. So why do we let phones, TV shows or social media run our lives? Why do we make sure we are home at a certain time with everything done so we can watch the new episode of our favorite show? Or why do we never leave home without our phones? Or even check social media during every break in our day? When did media start to run out lives, is there a specific time or did it just gradually makes it way to never leave?

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  1. I think it was gradual. When I first got my i-pad, I barely used it and now I am addicted, and use it constantly. I do not have a phone, and fear if I did....I know I need to watch myself, and have a media fast scheduled over Christmas!