Friday, December 5, 2014


Media Convergence is interesting because we are changing from using multiple devices, to one (single) smart device - which does virtually everything. I recall a few years ago (when we still used flip phones) people commenting that my basic phone had more computing power than the first space ship that took man to the moon. That was a lot of power in my pocket. 

The topic of consumers buying more devices even though one can do everything is interesting. I believe this is due to our technology habits.  I own and used an I-pod, a laptop and a smart phone and a television. I accumulated each over the course of a few years, but I use each individually. I am more comfortable using a certain device to provide a specific service. I prefer my I-pod for You-tube and music; but when surfing the web or using social media, I prefer using my android, while movie watching (Netflix) is done on my TV. This may be out of habit and familiarity, but never the less, I continue to tote all three of my tools (the TV stays put) that have the processing power to take me to the moon - each and every day. Someday - I am sure - all my devices will turn into one, but for now I am enjoying working off a device that only does one thing. 
When I turn on the TV, the thought of having to make the choice of internet surfing, Netflix, or broadcast television - with the creation of smart T.V.'s there are even more choices - is a little overwhelming. I feel the restful days lying on the coach, watching whatever appears on the "viewed" station - because I don't want to change the channel because the remote is too far away - is over. This causes me to wonder if we only get our media from one device will we become more isolated and sedentary because we always have access to instant technology right at our fingertips - will we even attempt to learn or try experience anything new?

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  1. It is crazy at the rate that technology has grown and become more complex. I thought we would only see it in movies, and shows like the jetson's but were living it today.