Friday, December 5, 2014

Paranormal Activity

I grew up listening to all of  the scary stories about ghost's and the chupacabra and what not but when I was little I never thought too much of it. I saw them as simple scary stories but I never really believed in the paranormal. I'm not saying that I've experienced paranormal activity but I am saying that I believe in it now. Maybe it has to do with the shows I watch but i'm more scared now than I was when I was little. 
There are many people that claim to see apparitions of people that have passed on to the next life and there are those who think they're lying or dreaming about it. My mother claimed to hear loud knocks on the window one night and when she got up to check there was nothing out there-but when she went back to bed she heard the knocks again. She asked me the next morning if I heard them but I hadn't heard anything; in addition she couldn't have possibly heard knocking outside her window because her bedroom is located on the second floor of our house. 
So I'm not trying to convince anybody that ghosts are real or to even believe in the paranormal, but when my professor asked in class "How many of you believe in the the paranormal?" more than 3/4 of the class raised their hand meaning majority of us get these ideas from somewhere and for some it's hard to know whether or not social media has played a role in our beliefs on the paranormal. 

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