Thursday, December 4, 2014

Angel sighting or nah?

Touched by an Angel

It's pretty typical for our society to define paranormal activity as demonic. Nearly every paranormal source of media out there has a purpose to scare the public with the phenomenon of demonic material in many different forms. "Possession" is probably one of the most common themes in the movie and television industry. Movies like Paranormal Activity, The Devil Inside, Insidious, The Haunting in Connecticut, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and The Conjuring all include forms of demonic possession. 

I can't stand movies like this. They are entertaining to some, but I hate the idea of it and they don't entertain me at all. It's not necessarily that it does or does not scare me, but the fact that this kind of demonic material is appealing to society disappoints me. Most of the time, movies of this type try to become more appealing by saying "based on a true story". That line makes a lot of people react differently and certainly makes it more believable to the audience. I think it's just unnecessary for people to be watching this kind of material because of how terrifying the concept of it is. It's literally hell on earth. There are other forms of scary movies that I do enjoy, but demons and possessions really push the limit of entertainment for me. Can't we all just watch Will Ferrell movies? 

Because of how society is based on demons, I wanted to counter with an angel. If you believe in paranormal activity of any kind, this is probably worth the watch. I don't necessarily believe it, but its certainly more appealing to me than if a demon creature showed up in this little girl's hospital. I think angels are a little more realistic, however, whether you believe in them or not is entirely up to you. I thought this video was interesting no matter what views you may have. Plus, it's on the Today's Show so we believe everything in the media right? 

Just kidding, but thanks for reading. 

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